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Your own personal or family doctor

Experience medical care at affordable prices. At home and online. 

Our Doctors

Health by doctors who actually care

Imagine getting care by one doctor. A trusted doctor that will help you manage your chronic diseases, book appointments, home visits and guide your annual check ups for your overall health. 

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Initial assessment

Send us a message and schedule your initial evaluation by video call, it's free. Our doctor will assess your health. 

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Get a personalized plan

We can refer you to specialists, ask for laboratory studies or make a meal or fitness plan that suits you

Receive ongoing care

Enjoy follow-up onsult via text or call at any time   We will renew your prescription renewals, to medical doubts and follow-up of chronic care. We can deliver prescriptions and laboratory tests, and if necessary give a referral. .

What we treat

How it Works
Common conditions

Cough and cold, UTI, Flu, Malaria, Stomach issues, fever, headache, muscle, and joint pain and more...

Chronic disease care

Diabetes, hypertension, Asthma, High Cholesterol, and more

Men's health

Erectile dysfunction, Pre-mature ejaculation, hair loss, Prostate issues, STI's and more...

Lifestyle and wellnes

Skin care, weightloss, Diet, Physical activity, and more

Women's health

Birth control and contraception, STI's, fertility and pregnancy issues, acne, and more...

Mental health

Stress, anxiety and depression

Purpose-built healthcare to help you live healthy


Virtual medical

care, anytime


Care that empowers



follow-up care


Discretion and confidentiality


Transparency for better decision


A medical team that really cares about you


Dr. Mirfat Abood

"The support of a caring clinician can make all the difference for an individual looking for guidance in their healthcare journey."


Dr. Felistar

"I try to really listen to my patients—to understand them as people: what drives them, what they're worried about, and what's really going on in their lives."


Diana Biita, Dietitian

"I understand how difficult it is to begin and maintain a healthy diet. I support my clients with healthy meals plan for long term health outcome"

Why people love medikea

“For me and my family, having Medikea feels like we have a doctor in the house.”

Jackie, 27
Contact a Medikea expert to learn more. Connect now!
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